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Virtual Try-on
Hair color


So, enter the age of AI (artificial intelligence) and AR (augmented reality)- enabled beauty buys. There are now dozens of beauty brands offering “virtual try-on” tech for their cosmetics and hair colors. From the comfort of our couches, we can now sample literally thousands of makeup items, hair colors and nail polishes – all safely, hygienically, with zero mess, zero rush, no travelling and no dodgy store lighting! Simply go to the our website, upload a (well-lit) selfie or enable your front camera for real-time imaging. Click on the style or hair color you want to sample and the virtual try-on tech.

Virtual Try-on Hair.jpg

Why Try-on hair color?

There is a tendency to change hair after thinking about it for several months, and if the hairstyle is wrong, it is difficult to restore it and there is a huge loss of time, so the need for virtual experience increases


NESTYLE's Virtual Try on Hair service is provided in the form of a REST API.


We have prepared an experience page so that you can check and experience the actual service performance. Create a fun experience here.


The license is provided by dividing it into a pay-as-you-go system based on the number of uses and a fixed amount agreed upon.


Couple dyening


Toon dyening



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