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Fashion Try-on Clothes


Here’s how you can try on clothes without visiting a store. In the 1995 movie Clueless, the main character Cher starts her day by using a program to virtually try on clothes in an online fitting room.

When this film came out, this was just a niche idea to mock how rich this fictional character was.

But now products like Cher’s online pixelated version of herself trying on clothes are about to become more mainstream.

이미지 제공: Євгенія Височина

Would it be pretty if I were it?

Everyone has the experience of looking at the feeling of a model's clothes and actually buying it and being disappointed. There is a problem that you can't try on clothes and buy them online.


Multi-pose Support

Virtual try-on system under arbitrary human poses has huge application potential, yet raises quite a lot of challenges, e.g. self-occlusions, heavy misalignment among diverse poses, and diverse clothes textures. Existing methods aim at fitting new clothes into a person can only transfer clothes on the fixed human pose, but still show unsatisfactory performances which often fail to preserve the identity, lose the texture details, and decrease the diversity of poses. 

Virtual Try-on task targets at the image-based multi-pose virtual try-on. Specifically, given an input person image, a desired clothing image, and a desired pose, the participator is asked to design algorithm to transfer the desired clothing to the person image and manipulate human poses. MPV (Multi-Pose Virtual try on) dataset, which consists of 37,723/14,360 person/clothes images, with the resolution of 256×160. We only provide real high-resolution image 1024×768.

Nestyle Introduce of Try-on

Nestyle Introduce of Try-on

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