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Your Imagination with AI


VISION 내스타일  

We’re Here to Revolutionize the World of Virtual Interactivity

Based on professional researchers in the
KAIST AI Lab, and Korea University Blockchain Institute.
Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize virtual styling through cutting-edge computer vision, image transformation, and generation technologies.

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Fully Integratable, Effortless, Comprehensive REST API

Optimized Efficiency for Authors


Time Saving

4 Types 

of Key Features

AI-Zac Novel is an AI-powered web novel creation service that revolutionizes the writing process by automating and enhancing various aspects of writing and editing. Its unique AI capabilities allow for a significant reduction in writing time and elevate the quality of content produced. As an AI specialist company, AI-Zac is expanding its global reach and planning to support more languages, broadening its scope and services to empower writers worldwide.

인공지능 웹소설
아이작 노벨 AIZac Novel
내스타일 블록체인
내스타일 이미지 생성

Style, Create, Exhibit: Revolutionize Your Digital Expression


Art Genres


Digital Gallery

Explore the limitless world of art with 3D VR gallery that redefines immersive and interactive art experiences. it's a journey into the heart of creativity, empowering solo creators with AI-driven tools to transform their visions into novel artworks or entirely new creations. This transcendent space allows users to navigate, interact, and delve deep into a rich variety of virtual exhibits, connecting with art on a profound level, free from geographical constraints. COLLERY is where reality and virtuality converge, offering a new realm of inspiration and artistic exploration.



Supported Blockchain Mainnets


Req/s, Real-Time Data Updates

Our product offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance the NFT experience. As an all-in-one NFT analytics and trading platform, users can discover, analyze, trade, and track their NFT portfolios conveniently in one place. We provide a ready-to-go NFT Data API for detailed insights, coupled with GoTrading, a turnkey NFT marketplace and aggregator for enterprises. GoPricing, our machine learning-powered NFT pricing service, ensures accurate valuation, allowing users to discover new opportunities and monitor their investments effortlessly.

내스타일 WEB3 블록체인 데이터 분석
내스타일 인증서 발급
내스타일 가상피팅

Seamless Style at Your Fingertips: High-Definition Innovation in Virtual Try-On


Increase in Time Spent on Page


Decrease in Save Return

Our Virtual Try-on Styling Service is revolutionizing online shopping with VITON-HD, our high-resolution image synthesis technology that delivers crisp, realistic try-ons in 1024x768 resolution. By overcoming traditional limitations, we offer a refined experience where the intricacies of fabric texture and fit are captured in striking detail, utilizing advanced GANs and super-resolution technology to ensure each virtual garment is as vibrant and lifelike as the real thing.


A Different Approach, Using a New Method of AI Master

Welcome to our team, where deep learning meets creative content creation. In partnership with leading researchers from KAIST AI Lab and Korea University Blockchain Institute, we specialize in using advanced computer vision technology to aid solo artists in crafting art more efficiently. Our goal is to foster a vibrant community by bridging the gap between technology and artists, continually pushing the boundaries of digital art and content creation.


Our Industry Partners

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